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In all rental properties, it is mandatory to measure the radon values. If the radon concentration exceeds 100 bqm 3, radon-reducing measures must be carried out.

Read more about Radon regulations at the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority:  Radon in rental properties – DSA

Information for the landlord

Info for landlord DSA.pdf

If you rent out a home or basement flat with radon, our ventilation units may be the solution for you. The radon level will drop because highly concentrated radon air is removed with clean, radon-free outdoor air. This is one of many measures against Radon that is relatively inexpensive and very effective. 


Do you rent  a home?

Info for tenant DSA.pdf


If you live in an area exposed to radon, you can check your municipality here:  Radon municipal reports – DSA


The AERO series also prevents dust and pollen from the outside air from entering your home. 

Do you live in an area with a lot of dust, e.g. motorway with a lot of suspended dust from studded tyres, Cities, towns, traffic junctions, railways etc. Will our AERO units clean the indoor air through various filters such as for example M5/ EU/F-7 Filter.

Why not ventilate with open windows?

You will then have a large heat loss in the winter. When windows and doors are set in the so-called ventilation position over a longer period of time, wall and floor surfaces cool down. And all saved energy is transported out of your home. It will then take a long time and a lot of energy to warm up again. There from an old saying about “shooting the crows”. With AEROVITAL AMBIENCE, a full 85% of the energy will be recovered thanks to the unique heat exchanger. You get fresh air for the whole family without opening a single window. In addition, you must be aware that home insurance “does not” cover burglaries where windows or doors have been left ajar!

Do you have asthma or allergy problems?

You can find more about indoor climate at:  https://www.naaf.no/ fokusomrader/inneklima/
Why ventilation?

Poorly ventilated rooms and homes can lead to low energy, lethargy and a lack of concentration. By adding fresh filtered air, this will be felt with increased profit and a pleasant indoor environment.

What does it cost to use?

Unfortunately, in many places we find rental properties where the plug has been pulled from the plug.
The answers are always the same that the tenant would save electricity! The irony here is that our devices are within a consumption of between 6 – 15 WATT. In comparison, an iPhone charger draws 6 watts during charging and 2 watts when fully charged. So nothing to spare to maintain fresh air.


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