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Klimabutikken.no is a retailer of well-known quality products from solid manufacturers. Nevertheless, we are only responsible for ensuring that the information about products published on our website matches the manufacturers’ and products’ stated performance.

This is in accordance with the manufacturer’s information and warranty conditions. 

Klimabutikken.no is not a design or executive contractor.
And any calculation of air demand according to technical requirements for new construction must therefore be obtained from external suppliers. The exception is normal advice on product, performance, location and assembly. As well as technical assistance for error reporting, calibration, service and normal maintenance.

  • As a private customer, you have the right of withdrawal according to the Norwegian Purchase Act.
  • Klimabutikken.no otherwise follows all rules for online shopping in accordance with Norwegian Legislation.

We strive to negotiate the best of technology available on the market in terms of products within Climate, fresh air and balanced ventilation, air purification, cooling fans, air conditioning, glass heaters, terrace heaters etc. Which are suitable for smaller homes, and when upgrading apartments , dormitories, barracks, modular houses, office cells and dining rooms. And other exhaust fans for wet rooms such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, damp basements, and fans for radon removal and for odor removal. Including fungi, mold etc.

We make a living by delivering the best products on the market, which with the best guarantees and performances, together with professional suppliers secure your project. This whether you are a private consumer who needs a fan in the bathroom or in a dormitory. Or to get the right humidity in the garage. To the contractor who works with larger tenders and noise reduction measures in transport projects under the direction of the Norwegian Road Administration, Nye Veier, BaneNor, or the Civil Aviation Authority in and around airports.

For several decades, Aerovital has been used in connection with transport projects in Norway.
Precisely because noise reduction, performance, and low assembly costs make our products usable without too much conversion.

We make a living by delivering quality at the agreed time and price.
With us, you can register yourself and your devices, so that we can notify you when you need a new filter, carry out cleaning or need service on your machines. Contact us for service and maintenance here.

Remember that there is a good reason why your home has had such a ventilation unit installed. Measurements carried out at your home have triggered the factor that the requirement to reduce particulate matter, exhaust and noise has triggered an absolutely necessary measure.


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